Hi friend, thank you for dropping by and visiting, I hope that in these pages you might be encouraged, edified and envisioned concerning the purpose of God in Christ and your place in that unfolding storyline.

My name is Jon Bennett, I am a Brit living in the Mid West. My wife and I were married in 2000 back in the UK, after we completed our BA degrees. We have now been in St Louis MO since 2002. We have been blessed by the Lord with a baby daughter, Beatrice Grace, born in June 2012. After dealing with infertility for many years she is a true gift of the Lord to us and a source of great joy in our life.

My bachelors is in Jazz Studies from Leeds College of Music, UK,  in some way, shape or form I have been involved in music since I was a little guy, music still informs my outlook on life.

Since being in St Louis I have been able to enroll as a student at Covenant Theological Seminary.  I graduated in May of 2011 with a Master of Arts in Exegetical Studies. This degree specializes in the in-depth study of Greek and Hebrew and learning the tools of Biblical interpretation and exposition. In order to graduate I had to write a thesis; I wrote on Romans 5:12-21. The section of scripture where Paul compares Adam and Christ, describing the reign of grace under which the believer now lives. Throughout my time at CTS I have been mentored by several incredible professors many of whom I expect to continue to see. Not only that but I have  developed deep friendships with fellow students who now serve the Lord all over the US and further abroad.

My wife and I serve at New Covenant Church St Louis, this covenant family has become our home, we first came over in 2002 to attend a discipleship and leadership course ran by the elders. New Covenant is a charismatic reformed church with a missional emphasis, supporting partners in Africa and India, along with other networked churches. I am privilaged to serve as the associate pastor to this wonderful community of friends.

Here at the blog this is a place for me to blurt out my scattered and scatter-brained thoughts. I have been writing here since 2011. If you asked me, I have to say my main burden is to write for believers and seekers, all who are self educators. This is not meant to be an uber academic site (google Dan Wallace or Larry Hurtado for that), though I am not averse to throw down some Greek and Hebrew where needed. My aim and hope is to aid believers and seekers in understanding the scriptures and our own place in the continuing purpose of God to bring restoration to this world.

I think that the Westminster Confession is the best expression of the Christian faith in the English language. As someone who serves at New Covenant Church I agree with the Statement of Faith of the church.

If I could describe myself in one snapshot it would be this: I believe the Bible is true. That is the basis for everything else I believe and the way I approach life.

I have written seven foundations to try to express as best as possible my reasons to believe and an explanation of that faith. Go to my Foundations to read more. As always, with all other bloggers, I would love for you to comment  and start a conversation on any of the posts or topics.

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Jon Bennett is a husband and father, he serves with the pastoral team at NCC in suburban St Louis, read more on his about page.

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