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In an interesting turn of events this week the breast cancer awareness company of  Susan G Komen has twice been in the news. First for withdrawing support from Planned Parenthood (for my international friends, Planned Parenthood is the name for the leading provider of elective abortions here in the US). At this news all the pro-lifers were delighted but liberal secularists were up in arms. Now today, Susan G. Komen has a new announcement to return funding to Planned Parenthood and all the Christians and prolife organizations have been confused. Apparently this is a move to quench the onslaught of criticism in the liberal press. However, there is more to this than first meets the eye. Komen CEO Nancy Brinker said it this way on Tuesday, “We were giving them money; they were sending women out for mammograms. What we would like to have are clinics where we can directly fund mammograms.”

See this official statement from VP Nancy Brinker, remember, Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms but that is why they have received funding.

Now, today, Komen has amended its guidelines on who it funds, only “criminal investigations” will mean the withdrawing of funding. Jill Stanek had a piece this afternoon trying to explain the decision. In their original statement (Tues) Komen said they would continue to fund Planned Parenthood through 2012, and one grant through 2013. So this second statement (today) does not change that. This is from Ms. Stanek:

If Planned Parenthood is found guilty of criminal investigations, several of which are on going around the States (Medicaid fraud in Texas and California; fraudulent reporting and illegal [late term] abortions in Kansas, even federal Congressional investigations) Komen’s criteria will disqualify Planned Parenthood from receiving grants, as it should.

If this is what I think it is, it is a brilliant public relations move. If Planned Parenthood will be prosecuted (hope so) then Komen will withdraw funds but it will be Planned Parenthoods fault and responsibility, still in line with their first announcement.  But it looks as if they are bowing to pressure from pro abortion lobbyists. Now the challenge is all the pro-lifers (including  yours truly) have been confused by these announcements. I hope there is more said on this.

The Washington Post had a piece:

The statement left some ambiguity, however, because it did not mention a second reason Komen has given for ending Planned Parenthood’s funding: That the group did not provide direct mammogram services, but instead referred patients out to other locations.

Komen’s grants are a tiny part of Planned Parenthood’s huge annual budget. Planned Parenthood’s budget is about one billion dollars. Komen’s grant last year was $680,000. This fuss is over 0.6 of a per cent of their annual budget, but it is about association and affiliation.

A lot of people would not have known of this association if it was not in the news this week. You can write to the Komen Foundation to let them know your opinion, write to . If you made a donation this week based on their first disassociation with Planned Parenthood you can call  800 996 3329 to ask for a refund.

Go ahead, please tell me your thoughts on this, what do you think it means?

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  1. Any “physsy” or “psycky” invasive activity to humanity may have short term benifits but there will be long term problems…..Stats to show this will be an issue because there are lies , damned lies and ………yes stats! L0L…. An abortion is a short term solution…. 35 years ago in GB abortion was on offer to couples where the prospective mother was a heomaphilia carrier and the baby inside her special place was a male child….

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